Breakfast Recipes To Try

What you start your day with for breakfast , is important if you are trying to follow a plan. Not only is it psychologically helpful, but it sets you up after you have been sleeping with good nutrients and vitamins.

At Bodyworkshop Gym when you sign up to all personal training packages and 30 day challenges you will receive a full meal plan specific to your goal and breakfast comprises an important part of that.

Here are some recipes that you can use to mix up your breakfast each day and make eating healthily exciting and varied.

Eggs, Bacon and Advocado
Eggs, Bacon and Advocado

2 Eggs ( egg whites only if you have it )
Any type of bacon medallions.
1/2 Ripe Advocado
Coconut Oil

- Eggs are excellent source of protein and egg whites in particular are a reduced fat option.
- Advocado is good source of fat. Don't be afraid of adding fats to your diet, but the right ones.

Nothing to taxing here. Scramble the eggs in some coconut oil, or put in the microwave. Grill your bacon medallions and slice the half advocado.

Overnight Oats
overnight oats for breakfast

35 grams of oats ( plain oats, don't choose any with added sugar )
Greek natural yoghurt ( Glenisk is a good choice)
50mls skimmed milk
Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries ( or whatever berries you have )

- Yoghurt is a natural source of protein when eaten in the right quanities
- Oats as a natural product are great to keep you fuller and are a complex carbohydrate to give you the energy your need for your workouts.

Put your ingredients together in layers as in the picture, remembering to pour the milk on the oats when you are doing an oat layer.
Leave in the fridge overnight so that it all gets a chance to soak into each other and provide a refreshing and healthy morning food choice.


Breakfast Smoothie
breakfast smoothie

Handful of spinach
Half an apple
1 banana
Handful of blueberries
Half an avocado 
Water to fill
( greek yoghurt is optional )

- A smoothy is a healthy nutrition packed option really anytime of the day. 
- Adding in some greens like kale or good fats like advocado are a great addition.

Firstly, investing in a blender is required to ensure you get a good blend  Just put all the ingredients in and fill to the right water line and whizz. Enjoy !

2 Egg Omelette
2 egg omelette for breakfast

2 Eggs
Thumb size portion of Chorizo, sliced.
Red Pepper
Handful of spinach

- Eggs once again are a great source of protein. If you want to use one egg and buy a carton of egg whites that would be good too for a higher protein mix.

Put your chorizo , and peppers into the pan and let the chorizo release its oils.
Add your mixed eggs into the pan and your spinach.
After a minute on a medium heat , put your pan under a grill if you wish to brown the top of your omelette.


Super Green Shake
Super Green Shake

Orange juice 
Natural yogurt
Tsp of peanut butter to add some fat

Blits all it altogether and enjoy. Add some ice to cool it down if you wish.