Brian Gunnery - Personal Trainer

Brian Gunnery

At the age of 15 I was underweight weighing only 98lbs( 7st). I started lifting weights in the hope it would assist me to increase my body weight and make me more confident about my body's appearance. Over the space of 2 years I attended a number of gyms and through hard work and diet I gained just under 52 lbs ( 4 st) of muscle. What started out as something I used to help me with confidence soon became more of an addiction.

At 18 I was training in Total Fitness keeping up rep for rep with some of Dublin 15's biggest lifters, and my life soon started to revolve around the gym. Ironically it was when I was working as a betting shop manager that I took my own gamble and decided that health and fitness was the career I really wanted to pursue. I needed to know more and I attended courses in the Elite Fitness and Performance Academy.

In the last few years I have come to understand what works better with certain types of clients and the most effective approach to take when dealing with a certain goal. I apply the same amount of effort and commitment to my clients goals as I do to my own goals. My aim is to help my clients become happier in who they are while making them look and feel better in the process. After 12 years I am more passionate about health and fitness than ever before and I look forward to my future in the industry.

Our 3 Rules To Success



It is important with anything in life to be consistent , consistency allows you to get into a way of thinking and it will help you discipline yourself into staying on track through your health and fitness journey , with consistency comes perfection.



It's very important to stay enthusiastic , remind yourself every now and again why it was that you began what your doing and always keep your end goal in mind, being enthusiastic towards your training and diet will help keep you motivated and less likely to give up.



Never be afraid of failure, In order to get someplace you have never been you must do something you have never done before.

Don't be afraid to fail , everything I have ever attempted I was always willing to fail

- Arnold schwarzenegger