Bodyworkshop Gym Packages and Pricing

Bodyworkshop gym was designed to give a wide range of classes and personal training options for all of its clients. Over the last number of years we have felt we would like to offer the clients that we worked with alot more. Bringing all of our experience together we built a 1 stop gym for all types of people seeking anything from strength and conditioning to TRX and kettlebell classes. Keeping with our passion for bodybuilding , muscle building (hypertrophy) and fat loss form the basis of our training. Applying the same style of training for our female and male clients, the gym has become a real buzz for beginners and more experienced users alike.

Workshops are places of invention and manufacture. At Bodyworkshop Gym you are the raw materials that we want to build on. Clients of Bodyworkshop gym are part of something special. We provide an atmosphere that is tough to match and we welcome you to come for a free consultation. Call Brian on 085 7021018 or email

Package   Price Group PT Classes Weight & Measure Diet
The Ultimate Package 160 Euro 5 per week   Yes Yes
Big Guns * 140 Euro 4 per week   Yes Yes
Strength and Conditioning * 130 Euro 3 per week   Yes Yes
30 Day Challenge ** 80 Euro   Unlimited Yes Yes
Pure Class ** 70 Euro   4 per week    
Class Dropin 10 Euro        
Group PT Dropin 15 Euro        
1 to 1 Personal Training 40 Euro / hour     Yes Yes
Weekly Package 40 Euro 3 per week   Yes Yes


* Based on a 4 week period.

** Based on a 30 day period.