Work Hard In Silence

We thrive on getting the best results for our clients through a combination of hard work and commitment. In order to keep clients on track we do a weekly or fortnightly weight and measure along with an analysis of the clients diet. This is done through a food diary and by providing our clients with up-to-date nutritional advice. This helps us to keep clients on track and is also useful knowledge to improve future results.

Another key aspect of our ethos is to ensure that our clients results are constantly improving. We use the concept of SMART Goals in order to achieve this.

SMART Stands for:

  • - Specific
  • - Measurable
  • - Achievable
  • - Realistic
  • - Time-Bound

Adam Downey - August 2015

My name is Adam Downey and I started with Brian in Bodyworkshop Gym 11 weeks ago. At first I was a bit apprehensive because in the last four years I have had two bad car crashes. In the first accident I broke my back in two places and ripped all the muscles in my neck and shoulders, as well as damaging muscles down my back. It took a year of physiotherapy and painful back injections to help me recover. Just when I got some normal life back and started back at work I had another crash, not as bad as the first but it put me back to square one both mentally and physically. All the physio sessions and back injections started again.

I received a leaflet trough my door 11 weeks back about BodyWorkshop Gym and decided to go and have a look at at t he gym and meet Brian. I told Brian about the car crashes and my back and about being apprehensive about training again. Brian assured me he would design a training programme to suit my needs and to accommodate for my back and told me not to worry that I was in good hands.

After talking to Brian for 10 minutes I felt comfortable and relaxed and signed up there and then. The athmosphere in the gym is fantastic and the training has been hard and intence but i have loved every minute of it. As I have said at the start its been 11 weeks of sweat and tears and hard work but its been well worth the pain because so far i have lost 2 stone 2 pounds. I have had trainers in the past and never seen results like this. I feel like I am getting my life back and I feel so much more confident in myself. If I feel like this after 11 weeks I cant wait to see how i feel after 11 months.

Just want to say a big thank you to Brian because without his help and training I would never have done any of this. Im looking forward to training with Brian for the forceable future.

Many thanks Adam