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Building a Better You



Helping our Clients push forward towards their Goals 

I opened the doors of Bodyworkshop Gym in March 2015 with the desire of helping as many people as I could reach their Health and fitness Goals. With my own background of training in Bodybuilding I was keen to pass my experience on to anyone looking to build muscle an help them achieve the best version of themselves trough weightlifting and the correct nutrition. Over the past number of years I have become an avid runner competing in international running events. Combining the experience I've gained in both sports I now use the information I've gathered with my clients on tried and tested methods to help them reach their own goals.

Throughout my years in the fitness industry both me and my team have worked with sport athletes that have taken their performances to the international stage proudly representing the gym in competitions and marathons worldwide.

Our gym is a state of the art fully equipped private facility located in Rosemount Business Park Blanchardstown. We are just 5 minutes from the National Sports Campus and just 8 minutes from exit 6 on the M50.


Something for everyone

With our client variety coming from tech company employees to soon to be Bride and Grooms the variety of service we offer is tailored to whatever our clients need. From increased productivity to improving your overall standard of living, Both Me and My team are up to any task that comes our way.

Whether its a direction towards a new path or just to put some stepping stones in an existing one We are here to help

Llifting Weights


Every person is different which makes every goal different. That's why all of our Small Group Personal training sessions are tailored to your health and fitness needs.

One session with Multiple Goals


The days of big budget nights out are a thing of the past. Company’s are now looking at investing in their employees Heath and wellbeing. With the current Covid-19 pandemic mental health awareness has become paramount to employers for their staff.
As part of our services we offer,

  • Onsite fitness classes 

  • Online Virtual fitness classes 

  • Yoga and Pilates 

  • Nutrition advice 

  • Mobility classes for desk based workers

Over the past 9 years we have worked with a number of tech company’s in the Dublin area both online and onsite. Teaching fitness classes, Giving practical advice for a work and active life balance, and helping the workforce make conscious choices to improve their life trough movement.

The company’s that avail of our service find that productivity amongst the employees we work with increases and attendance is consistently positive.

Lifting Weights


Our 1-1 personal training is designed taking all of your personal factors into account. Lifestyle Ability and overall goal. Our 1-1 personal training is perfect for anyone not yet comfortable training with groups and would like to work to their ability in a private session.

Our 1-1 sessions are excellent for working on specific areas and are guaranteed to get you results.

Your Desire to Excel has Brought you this far. Why not let it bring you further.

Get in touch today 


Affordable and Flexible


Weekly Recurring


Weekly Package (once off)


1-1 Personal Training


30 Minute zoom PT session



Glenn Sloan 


Adam Downey 


Keileigh Gillen


Rosemount Business Park Unit K7, Centrepoint, Dublin, Ireland

+35385 702 1018

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